Fencing Products

Vinyl Privacy Fences provide a solid privacy wall with tongue and groove fence pickets for greater fence strength. The Privacy Fence style is a top pick. When a vinyl full privacy fence is considered a restriction; Vinyl Semi-Privacy Fence is an ideal alternative that combines openness and airflow without sacrificing security or strength.

PVC Privacy

The White Vinyl Privacy Fence provides a solid privacy wall that features tongue and groove verticals for greater fence strength. The White Privacy vinyl fence style has proven to be a solid choice among homeowners who want full privacy for their backyard retreat

Wood Fence Styles & Wood Fence Gates:

Stockade Wood Fence:

There are many reasons for choosing a stockade style wood fence. Security, noise reduction, boundary definition and privacy are practical reasons.

A well-built and installed Stockade Wood Fence is a stylish addition to your home landscape. With solid and clean lines, stockade wood fences allow you to combine function and fashion

Shadow Box Wood Fence:

It has been said that good fences make good neighbors. The Shadow Box Privacy Wood Fence allows for some privacy but still have the opportunity to talk to your neighbor. Its semi open design allows air to flow through while adding an aesthetic touch to your yard.

Our wood fences come in many different styles, but the best looking fence is the Shadowbox Wood Privacy Fence. It provides adequate privacy from your neighbors while looking attractive and professional. It is popular for its good looks on both sides and is known as a “neighbor friendly” fence.

Board On Board Wood Fence:

Keeps prying eyes out of your yard with a Board on Board Fence. This type offers the best privacy and is difficult to climb. The traditional Board on Board Fence lends a refined look to any yard

Wood Picket Fencing:

Provides security
Defines boundaries
Protects property
Establishes entryways
Is the most American of all fence designs.

Wood picket fences give you and your property an extra measure of security, as even the sight of a fence around a property has been shown to put off a potential thief. Good picket fences make good neighbors. These fences are the easiest to construct.

Aluminum Fencing:

Decorative aluminum fencing adds value and curb appeal while defining your entire outdoor living space. Aluminum Fences are perfect for providing security, pet containment, keeping kids safe, boundary definition or to provide a secure and code-compliant barrier for pool or spa.

Ornamental aluminum fencing is ideal for its look, long-lasting beauty and durability. Our aluminum fences are available in many options to fit your style, including:

Decorative aluminum fence is virtually maintenance free. The classic “wrought iron” design gives strength without the costly, time-consuming maintenance required of other fencing materials like wood fence. Premium powder-coated aluminum fence professionally installed by Mossy Oak Fence Inc of Central Florida will complement your home and Florida garden landscape. Available with both Double and Puppy Picket options.

Customizing your new aluminum fence to meet your preferences and needs is no problem with many options to choose from including colors, caps, heights, scrolls, and decorative finials and is available in residential, commercial, industrial, guardian and concealed fastener grades. Frame your garden, patio or yard with an aluminum fence from Orlando’s most recognized and trusted fence contractor and installer, Mossy Oak Fence Inc