Wooden Fences

Our wood fences are constructed with the greatest quality products offered for our market. We provide three distinct species: PT Pine, Western Red Cedar & Cypress all of which have their own features and abilities. As an example, when selecting PT Pine in Florida unique safety measures need to be required to prevent warpage, cupping & splitting due to our high humidity and recurring wet/dry cycles. In an effort to decrease these effects Mossy Oak just sets up PT Pine boards treated with “ECOLIFE” Supported Weather condition Resistant wood, a GREEN CERTIFIED item the protects your fence financial investment in means you won’t believe! View the video to your right to see the results for yourself!

Some of the styles we offer include:

Shadow Board Fence
Single Board Fence
Horizontal Board Fence
Lattice Fence
Acoustic Fence

Our wooden fence building components are all made of cedar or pressure-treated materials so they have superior durability and will last for many years.

For more information about our wood fencing, contact us at -LRB-407-RRB- 900-2940.